Inside Tornado Videos: 3 Insane Dash-Cam Videos Show The Inside Of A Tornado


These insane dash-cam videos show the inside of a tornado…

And it is just terrifying!

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Gif of a tornado. To be inside a tornado must be terrifying! Gif from Youtube video

Actually we are pretty lucky that the driver forgot to stop his dash-cam. Otherwise, we would not have been able to feel what’s like to be in the middle of a devastating tornado. We are here in Russia, in a small village named Bashkiria. At around 10:30 am a tornado touched down… Watch the video, it’s amazing:

The hair-raising footage was taken from a car’s dash cam that stayed on even when the tornado was passing right over it.

There are of course other similar videos posted on the web. Here two other samples. Watch Brandon Ivey’s video of one of Sean Casey’s TIVs getting impacted (fun begins at 0:50) by a tornado. The roof-mounted anemometer and other gear is ripped off at ~2:18 at about 176mph.

Contrast that, as bad as it was, with Dan Robinson’s video from the El Reno, OK tornado that killed Tim Samaras, his son Paul and his long-time chase partner Carl Young. Take note at 3:09 – that’s the edge of the tornado visible in the right side of the frame as it grows to nearly 2.6 miles across – the largest ever recorded.

You hear about things like this and you’re like “Yeah, tornadoes are pretty destructive.” You see videos of things like this and your jaw drops a bit. You think “Holy shit, I’m glad I’m not stuck in that.” Now try to imagine the terror you’d feel in the middle of a storm like this. I think my pants would get wet!

Do you have other inside tornado videos? Any experiences?

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