Rare EF-2 tornado in Forada causes extensive damage during outbreak in Minnesota (videos and pictures)


The National Weather Service has confirmed four tornadoes in Minnesota from the storms on Memorial Day.

Aerial video shows destruction to neighborhood after EF-2 tornado hit Forada, Minn. on May 31, 2022
Aerial video shows destruction to neighborhood after EF-2 tornado hit Forada, Minn. on May 31, 2022. Picture via Youtube video

Weather officials say an EF-2 tornado caused “quite extensive” damage in Forada. Survey teams estimate the max wind speeds were 120 mph with a half-mile path width and evidence of multiple vortexes.

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Some of the worst damage was spotted in the small city of Forada, Minnesota, just south of Alexandria. Photos and videos from storm chasers show significant damage through a neighborhood along Maple Lake, Minnesota. Officials told FOX 9 the damage impacted 75 structures in the community of only about 175 residents.

Tuesday, FOX 9 saw crews out working to clean up and repair some of the damage from the storms. But it’s clear there is a lot of work left to be done.

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Douglas County officials say that after search and rescue operations, there aren’t any reports of deaths or major injuries as a result of the storms.

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Along with the Forada tornado, the National Weather Service confirmed four other tornadoes in Minnesota for Monday’s storms: an EF-1 near Eagle Bend, an EF-1 in Plato, and a tornado that tracked across four countries between Appleton, Minnesota and Glenwood. [Fox9]

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  1. That tree that was uprooted pounded that house. After the MN tornado Inwas in went through there were plenty of big old trees down like that one.

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