Watch Inside a Nest of European Hornets in Cross Section


Watch inside a nest of European hornets! They were kind enough to build a large nest on this window’s Redditor.

Now he can observe them safely in cross section from the inside of his home. And I find this video amazing.

Here what the uploader of the video writes on Reddit to accompany his great hornet video:

Wasps were kind enough to build this nest in a double-glass window which can not be opened and it is isolated in the attic. No worries for me or the neighbors. Also, if I bang my head in this window I will die by internal bleeding not by murderous wasps!
EDIT: Winter is coming and the wasps will die by natural causes in 1-2 months. If they cause trouble before then (though they are there for 2 months without a problem) I wil kill them with a long torch. The high temperature melts their wings and they become harmless and defenseless. We do this many times around the house in the summer. Not before I make a time lapse video of those buggers though.
EDIT2: Yes, yes, they are not simple wasps, they are European Hornets!

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Photo of a female European hornet. Almost 7/8 of an inch long! Photo: Wikipedia

Yes, it’s amazing to see the inside of a european hornet nest. And I would certainly do a time lapse video of the nest activity before Winter! So cool!

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