White Orca Spotted in the Fourth Kuril Strait, Russia


An extremely rare white orca has been sighted right next to a boat by scientists.

These orcas are a rare find. Only four albino orcas have been sighted across the world in the last seven to eight years. So you know understand why this video is making waves around the planet.

As described in their Youtube video and on the Russian Orcas Facebook page:

“In August-September we surveyed the southeastern coast of Kamchatka and Northern Kuril Islands as part of a humpback whale project funded by Russian Geographical Society. In the Fourth Kuril Strait, between Onekotan and Paramushir islands, we met a large aggregation of orcas, but soon after we started photographing them for photo-IDs, the fog thickened.

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by Russian Orca

Soon, we couldn’t see anything further than hundred meters, so we stopped to listen for the sounds. Suddenly a group of orcas approached us, and right next to the boat, a white orca surfaced. It was not the famous Iceberg, but a small juvenile albino orca. We soon lost the whale in the fog, but the image was fixed in our mind and in this short piece of video. We hope to meet some more next year.”

Back in June 2014, Migaloo, the albino humpback whale was filmed off Australia and in September 2014, a rare white dolphin was photographed off Italy’s coast.

Hopefully this white orca will be sighted again next year!

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