Grey Lady Ghost Photographed In Haunted Dudley Castle (UK)


Believe it or not! It seems that a ghost named ‘Grey Lady’ has been pictured  in England’s most haunted castle.

Well at least the local ghost hunting club describes the image as ‘credible’ compared to many other fakes.

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Was the Grey Lady Ghost caught on camera at haunted Dudley Castle?

Dean and Amy Harper believe they have pictured the ‘Grey Lady’ (right), who has supposedly haunted Dudley Castle (left) in the West Midlands for centuries. The blurred close-up appears to show the outline of a woman with black hair dressed in grey robes standing next to a girl in an archway in the Sharington Range (mid-1500s). Mr and Mrs Harper had taken a number of pictures of the historic tourist attraction during the day from the top of the castle using a mobile phone camera. But they only became aware of the figures when they took a closer look through the pictures that evening.

The legend says that the castle is haunted by the spirit of Dorothy Beaumont who died in child birth along with baby. Her denied dying wish was to be buried next to her daughter.

Did you know than more than 50% of US Americans believe in ghosts? What about in the UK?

Although weird, this looks pretty real to me. What do you think about this strange sighting?

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