Mountain Collapses Live In Guiyang, China (VIDEO) – Landslide Video


This is a mountain collapse video from Guiyang, Guizhou, which blocked a section of highway in the southwestern Chinese last Monday.

Luckily, the large rockfall happened only minutes after highway officials had stopped traffic from.

The landslide wrecks havoc on a road below, almost crushing a car. The live Youtube video below includes a nice set of images of the aftermath. The mountain collapses at the 0:03:

According to the Landslide Blog:

[quote_box_center] The collapse event appears to have happened on a pre-existing basal release surface and to be defined by a set of existing vertical joints – i.e. in essence this is a complex wedge failure, as this screenshot shows:

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This collapse is the result of a failure to properly assess the discontinuities in the rock mass during construction. Such events should be avoidable with proper engineering geological assessment and mitigation. [/quote_box_center]

Freaky natural disaster! But this one could had been prevented. This is not the case for 6 workers that died trying to drain one of the valley-blocking landslides after the August 2014 Yunnan Quake.

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