Fireball Meteors Light Up the Sky in the US (Illinois, Georgia) and Japan – November 3 2014


On November 3, 2014, the sky was on fire over the USA and Japan.

Here three videos of these fireball meteors flying through the night sky! Short but cool!

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The sky was on fire on November 3 2014. Fireball videos caught in Georgia, Chicago and Japan.

A police cruiser recorded a video of what could be a meteor in the sky of West Virginia at around 9:30 p.m. According to news channels, this fireball was accompanied by loud booms (disintegration sounds). Was it a meteor or space junk entering Earth’s atmosphere?

Actually, I am asking me if this light spotted in the next video is really a meteor! It was seen over Chicago on November 3, 2014 at approximately 6:25pm. Could this be space junk? It is indeed really slow! So what is this weird flying object:

Were the fireballs in Virginia and Chicago the same object?

Finally, the last video presents another mysterious object flying in the sky of Western Japan, again on November 3, 2014. It was caught by a dash-cam! Great video:

Another one from the same sightings. Epic!

Well maybe we will find some weird metallic balls in some fields around the sightings… Have you witnessed any other weird lights in the sky?

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