Recent Landslides Around The World – November 2014


This post compiles a roundup of recent landslides that occurred within last week around the world.

The soil becomes instabil due to heavy rain fall! Creepy!

Huge landslide in Rabenstein, South Tirol – November 16, 2014

About 20.000 cubic meter material went during this huge landslide, yesterday. OMG! Wait the 1:20 mark. It’s creepy!

and this was in the same region just a few days ago:


Fatal landslide in Davesco-Soragno, Switzerland – November 16, 2014

A deadly landslide engulfed and destroyed a house in the small village of Davesco-Soragno in Ticino, the Italian part of Switzerland on Sunday, November 16, 2014 at 2:30am.

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Two women lost their lifes and an Italien guy was transported to a close-by hospital in critical condition. One week ago, a mother and her daughter were killed by another landslide in Bombinasco, Switzerland.

Landslide hits freight train near Sept-ile, Quebec – November 6, 2014

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Radio Canada

Maybe another killer landslide along the Moisie River, north of Sept-Iles in Quebec. An engineer is missing after one of the locs was submerged. You remember this trail derailment?

Let’s hope this rain will stop and the soil stabilize soon!

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