Well That’s a Giant sinkhole! Mysterious Cavity Opens Up in Vietnam


Whao! Did you see that giant sinkhole?

It has appeared in a rural village in Thanh Hoa Province due to the geology of the terrain.

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Thanh Nien News

At 4am, the sinkhole was measuring 13 meters in width and 6 meters in depth. At dawn, it had grown to more than 15-meters wide and 25-meters deep and had swallowed half of the road and many trees and rocks. OMG!

The cave-in formed on a road between two houses in Village 2 of Yen Dinh’s Quy Loc Commune. The event created a loud bang and residents were shocked to find rocks, trees and fences being swallowed by this huge sinkhole. Since the hole is still active and developing, houses around the site have been evacuated.

Watch a sinkhole swallowing a road in Florida.

The source of the sinkhole is still unknown although authorities believe it appeared due to the karst geology of the area. Did it rain in the last days? Is there an underground river flowing by? This would help us resolving this mystery sinkhole formation.

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