The Most Amazing Visual Representation of Music I’ve Ever Seen in a Magical Cymatics Video


This is the most amazing visual representation of music I’ve ever seen.

Nothing in this cymatics video is CGI, all effects are real.

This amazing video by Nigel John Stanford was shot over 2 days in a warehouse in Brooklyn after about 3 months of research and building the instruments.

Resulting from this project, a song was produced using only the notes that produced the most interesting cymatic patterns.

This amazing video compiles cymatics Chladni Plates, cymatics speaker dish, cymatics ferro fluid, cymatics hose pipe, cymatics Ruben’s tube, cymatics Tesla coil.

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You can get more videos – of each cymatics’ patterns enumerated above – and information about this sonic ‘research’ project in an article entitled:’The Magical Science of ‘Cymatics’: Directing Sound & 16K Volts of Electricity

This is really one of the most amazing visual representation of music I’ve ever seen. What about you?

If you liked this, you will also enjoy the cynematics of the OM sacred chant!

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