The Eerie And Haunting Sound Of The Theremin Instrument Is Perfect For Scifi Music Films


The Theremin is probably one of the coolest instruments ever invented.

This fascinating instrument is the world’s very first electronic instrument. What makes it so amazing is that the Theremin is played without being touched! Ghostly!

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Leon Theremin playing his ghostly and strange instrument

If you really want to talk about an instrument for science fiction and other spooky paranormal sounds look no further than the theremin. The first video shows Leon Theremin – the inventor – playing on its own instrument:

This fascinating instrument was the world’s very first electronic instrument, invented in 1920 by Russian scientist Lev Theremin. Listen to Over The Rainbow:

One of the wildest things about the theremin is that it is played without any form of physical contact. And what about Midsummer Murders:

Rather, the musician controls the pitch and volume of the theremin by moving his or her hands closer or further away from the instrument’s two metal antennae. And finally watch the amazing and talented musician Jeff Burke playing Daft Punk’s Get Lucky on the bassoon and theremin:

In the heady days of early science fiction movies, the Theremin would provide the “Ooooh-EEEEE-oooooh” sounds of spaceships flitting about in the sky. Finally watch another historical video of Johnny Carson playing THEREMIN:

I love the eerie sound of this electronic music instrument. What about you?

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