It’s Almost Impossible To Drown Fire Ants (VIDEO)


You can’t drown fire ants!

Fire ants have the unique ability to gather together as a colony and form rafts on the surface of the rising waters using their own bodies.

A layer of ants on the bottom of the raft serves as a base for the rest of the colony to “comfortably” mill around on.

fire ant raft, fire ant, fire ant raft video, fire ant raft video, you can't drown fire ants, fire ants build rafts on water water fire ants, fire ant raft behavior, fire ant weird behavior, Due to the tightly knit “weave” of the ants, water cannot penetrate the raft allowing the ants to stay dry.

This water-tight nature provides the raft with the buoyancy force necessary to float.

The ants can remain in the raft formation for weeks if necessary or until the floodwaters subside and they are able to establish their colony in a new underground home.

Watch ants forming a raft to save their queen in the Amazong forest!

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