Unexplained Mystery Boom Rattles Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. Call It a Mystery Boom!


Did you also hear the unexplained mystery boom that rattled and shook homes and mystified residents across Luzerne County, Pennsylvania?

It seems that folk and even animals (dogs, cows and pigs) in the back mountain heard and felt a loud rumble on January 1, 2015 that has remained a mystery since.


It takes a lot to wake up 12-year-old Kendra Steltz of Lake Township.

“I was sleeping and all I heard was a big bang,” she said.

A big bang heard by more than just her. Many of you let Newswatch 16 know you heard the loud boom as well.

Police and emergency officials say several fire departments were dispatched to try to locate what the caused the boom in the back mountain but they had no luck locating it. They couldn’t find any damage either.

“Afterwards me and my daughter got into the car, and drove around the neighborhood to check out people’s houses and we saw nothing else so it was a mystery to us what it possibly could have been,” said Alice Steltz.

People in Lake Township say what’s even more surprising, is that no one has been able to figure out what exactly it was

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Map of Luzerne County Pennsylvania

Beatrice Price of Lake Township heard it and she felt it too.

“Everything vibrated,” explained Price. “It was short, it was a couple of seconds. Everything was vibrating.”

Vibrating so much, that her cows and pigs took cover. And that’s something she’s says she’s never seen happen like this before.

We have people that hunt, and target practice. There’s guns, fireworks and it was way louder than that,” Price added.

There’s been plenty of accounts of what people thought they saw like a smoke trail in the sky. Nothing has been confirmed at this time. So for now, everyone is left to their ideas on what it could possibly be.

“It sounded like an explosion,” explained Price. “We have a gas place down the road. We thought maybe the gas place exploded but there’s no smoke or anything like that. So that was definitely not it.”


Well what do you think this reverberating boom was?

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  1. Heard a loud BOOM in northern Indiana between 9pm-10pm on January 3, 2015. It shook a large grocery store I was in. It sounded like a bomb went off, kind of tapered away. There are hundreds of reports of it in my area, one town is reporting hearing two booms this night.

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