Apocalyptic Pilot Whales Stranding At Farewell Spit in New Zealand (Video)


A real nightmare…

One hundred and ninety-eight pilot whales have been stranded on a 6-kilometer beach in New Zealand, and their only hope is a rescue effort with the rising tide.

Farewell Spit of the Golden Bay, on New Zealand’s South Island, is a renowned trap for marine mammals, with at least eight strandings in the past decade, and over 50 whales found there near their death bed on Friday, while nearly 200 got trapped in shallow water.

And nobody knows why… Some scientists dwell on geomagnetic anomalies leading to navigation faults, while others believe that the whales may follow sick or young members of the group.

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They’re in reasonable condition most of them, their skin is looking pretty good, and there’s not that many have died, relatively.

Pilot whales are the most common species of whale in New Zealand waters. They are highly social creatures, and are also among the most frequently found stranded in groups.

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