Strange Sounds In The Sky Over South Philly Baffle Residents (Videos)


What are these mysterious sounds coming from the sky over South Philadelphia?

Is this the Philly Hum?

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Strange light pillars in and around the Philadelphia; November 2008 Photo by Leslie

David C. lives in South Philly and has reported today on the Strange Sounds’ blog that he’sbeen hearing this loud sound for over an hour now. It sounds like a jet engine hovering above the thick cloud cover. It is constant and really loud! Anyone know what this is???

Another reader answered him:Hi David. I’m in South Philly too and been hearing this roaring noise periodically for a couple years now. Never as long as tonight though. Been hearing it since around 7pm-ish non-stop. I’ve been noticing this chopper/jet engine roaring noise a lot lately especially before it rains and during. The noise tonight I noticed earlier on though and has been going non-stop since like 7ish. It’s still going on as I type this. So annoying already (and eerie!). I posted 2 vids on YT entitled “strange sounds in south philly sky”.

So here are these two weird noise videos:

And the Youtuber adds: This is a common noise I’ve been hearing periodically over the past couple years. Occurrences have been frequent lately and I notice it tends to happen before and/or during rain and other impending weather warnings like snow storms.

This video was taken out of his back door after 2am 03/04/15, but he had already started hearing the weird noise at around 6 or 7pm on March 3, 2015.

He first thought the humming noise was created by hovering helicopters but the sound has never faded away. Although it’s hard to pinpoint the source of the noise in the sky (cloud), there are no aircrafts in sight.

What do you think these vibrating sounds are…

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  1. I hear the same sound here in upstate NY, on Lake Ontario. It’s been going on for a few years now. Sounds like a jet, but has a different tone to it that I haven’t been able to figure out.

  2. I live in south Philadelphia, near Broad & Reed streets. I woke up around 1 am this morning and could hear “the hum” in my bedroom at the front of the house. I lay there trying to figure out what it was. A little while later I got up to let my dog out into the back yard. It was really loud. Even my dog looked confused by the noise. I had trouble going back to sleep because I kept trying to figure out the source of it. I could still hear it when I got up around 7:30am. My husband heard it too. He also smelled something strange outside, like petroleum according to him. I couldn’t smell anything unusual. If he’s right, the noise could be coming from the oil refinery further south of where we live.

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