The binaural beats is a weird phantom sound phenomenon


binaural beats, binaural beats video, binaural beats meditation, binaural beats music, binaural beats energy, binaural beats strange phenomenonSometimes, you probably hear a strange and mysterious sound in your head!

This phantom sound also called binaural beats, exists solely in the head of the listener and can only be heard by that individual. Intriguing!

This auditory phenomenon was discovered in 1839 by Prussian Physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. The theory suggests that when a person hears two separate tones in each ear with only a slight difference in frequency the auditory brainstem creates a third ‘phantom’ sound that exists solely in the head of the listener and can only be heard by that individual.

Though not everyone is able to hear binaural beats, those who can detect them may experience a range of positive and negative effects. Researchers have associated these tones with enhanced mental function, problem solving, concentration, alertness, relaxation and states of arousal. Some even see binaural beats as a digital drug that can allow the listener to feel a high sensation.

These ‘binaural beats’ are electrical signals created by the two hemispheres of the brain working together and have a frequency equal to the difference between the original tones played in each ear (which themselves must be under 1500Hz) e.g. if one tone was 300Hz and the other 310Hz, the third mystery tone will be 10Hz.

Try the power of binaural beats! They are awesome!

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