This guy took a boat out for a morning swim and… WTF!


You’ve prepared for this your whole life, just jump on their heads to make it across!

Watch the amazing moment a fisherman is surprised by a rare alligator feeding ritual at Stephen C. Foster State Park, Georgia.

Ray Cason was expecting an ordinary day fishing when he dipped his boat into the black water at Stephen C. Foster State Park at sunrise.

But the next few minutes proved to be anything but ordinary.

Hundreds of alligators congregated in the boat basin at Stephen C. Foster State Park, near Fargo, and the canal from the boat basin to Billy’s Lake, and engaged in what Cason called “a feeding frenzy.” Cason caught the rare sight during morning hours, two days in a row.

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The rare phenomenon is called cooperative feeding, or cooperative fishing. The feeding ritual only lasted about 30-to-40 minutes each morning.

Unreal! Look at these 300 10-foot gators with their entire bodies three feet above the water. Gators rolling all over themselves! Creepy!

Listen to a horny gator.

I know I will never swimm in these back waters. What about you?

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