Possible Megaeruption at Laguna del Maule: Scientists investigate significant uplift


The area under and around Laguna del Maule has recently exhibited a significant uplift.

Field investigations show that a large body of molten rock is accumulating beneath the surface, signifying a potentially large and explosive eruption sometime in the future.

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Scientists from the United States, Chile and Canada unite their efforts to understand the behavior of the Laguna del Maule Volcanic Complex – a caldera measuring 15 km by 25 km over which sit several small stratovolcanoes, lava domes, and pyroclastic cones.

Locals say that the temperature of the lake has increased significantly by 4-5 five degrees over the years. Moreover, an abnormal elevation of the ground is being monitored.  Finally, bubbles have been observed at the surface of the lagoon.

In this video, Professors Brad Singer and Basil Tikoff explain what it is like to conduct research on a live active volcano in Chile:

Well! Too bad we cannot precisely determine when the next megaeruption at Laguna del Maule will take place!

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