Kent earthquake: Largest UK tremor recorded since 2007 goes boom!


The Kent earthquake overnight measured magnitude 4.2 on the Richter scale, the largest recorded in Britain since 2007.

Here a few reports of rumbling noises created by the quake.

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British Geological Survey

So this is the biggest earthquake to hit Britain since a 4.3 magnitude quake in Folkestone in 2007. In the UK, such earthquakes strike only every two years in the UK, but approximately 4500 times in the world annual.

This morning’s earthquake is approx 25km north-east of the 28 April 2007 Folkestone earthquake which had a magnitude of 4.3.

Here some rumbling noise reports:


I woke with a shock at 2.50am as the house was shuddering loudly and violently. Even the plantation blinds in my son’s room were rattling. I had no idea what it was until I saw the news this morning. It gave me a tremendous shock but my son didn’t stir!

I heard a loud crack at first, then the house shook for about 20 seconds. My daughter said she was woken up and her clothes hangers rattling on the door handle, but because we watched the Enfield Haunting before bed, we were both scared to get up.

I was woken with a start by the tremor at 02.50ish this morning, felt our bed shaking and bedroom door rattling which was accompanied by what sounded like a distant thunder rumble. It lasted probably less than 10 seconds, but was pretty scary to be woken in such a way and I lay awake for nearly two hours wondering if I’d imagined it but was convinced I hadn’t more so because of the door rattling.

At 2.53am, we were woken up by the house shaking for about 10 seconds. We instantly knew it was an earthquake. There was a strange rumbling sound. The vibrations felt like being on cruise ship when it comes onto port sideways.

I was woken by a short graunching shudder. It felt like someone had slammed a sticking door very hard.

Lying in bed when the house suddenly shook. Thought something had collapsed outside, so got up to check […] I actually thought it was an explosion of some sort and not an earthquake.

Thought door to hotel was being kicked in, woke up alarmed.

Woke the whole household and neighbours with a bang that lasted 1-2 seconds.

Walls of house creaked, sounded like heavy object rolling over roof of the house.

Noise and the whole building just shaking. The road made a weird loud noise too.

Banging of window shutters first, then rumbling noise faintly, but shutter banging became louder, then four poster bed hangings were swaying and whole room seemed to be moving.

Strange phenomenon: Graham Johnson, who lives in Bedworth, Warwickshire, has been in touch to say he was woken up at the time of the quake by all his landline phones ringing continuously – then going completely dead. He lost his internet connection, too.


Yes, weird booming noises are created by earthquakes. Did you also hear some?

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