Pennsylvania drinking water contaminated by fracking chemicals


fracking drinking water contamination, Fracking Chemicals Detected in Pennsylvania Drinking Water, drinking water contamination fracking, fracking chemicals found in pennsylvania drinking water, effect of fracking on underground drinking water, water contamination due to fracking, fracking drinking water contaminationThree homes in Bradford County, Pa., revealed fracking chemicals commonly used in Marcellus Shale drilling fluids in their drinking water.

This is the first case published with a complete story showing organic compounds attributed to shale gas development found in a homeowner’s well. And companies still argue fracking is safe!

Two years ago, I wrote an global article about fracking and drinking water contamination. Well now scientists find proofs of what I was talking about!

According to a new study, the drinking water sampled from three homes in Bradford County, Pa. contained chemicals from the nearby Marcellus Shale drilling sites.

Yes, risks of underground drinking water contamination by fracking aren’t potential but real!

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