Dumb and Dumber! Gov. DeWine, EPA Director drink tap water at home in East Palestine

Governor DeWine and EPA administrator Michael Regan drink East Palestine water
Governor DeWine and EPA administrator Michael Regan drink East Palestine water. via Youtube video

In an attempt to bolster confidence in the safety of the drinking water in East Palestine, Ohio, Governor DeWine and EPA administrator Michael Regan toured a home and drank glasses of tap water to show their confidence in the testing that’s being conducted in the area.

Like: ‘Hey look, I didn’t die from that one sip I took. Clearly it means it’s safe!

It’s probably safe to drink one gulp. But not as your daily source of water in food and drinks.

Just keep in mind that during another Vinyl Chloride train derailment back in 2012 in New Jersey, residents were evacuated from Paulsboro for 3 weeks although they had been exposed to 9x less poison than in Ohio

Former President Donald Trump visited East Palestine. “Biden and FEMA said they would not be sending federal aid to East Palestine. As soon as I announced that I’m going, he announced a team will go,

Trump announced on his social media platform Truth Social. “Hopefully he will also be there. This is good news because we got them to “move.” The people of East Palestine need help. I’ll see you on Wednesday!

In preparation for Trump’s appearance, East Palestine City Schools announced that they will be closed on Wednesday due to “heightened security measures” and the “significant number of street closures.”

This is what Trump delivered before arriving in E. Palestine

Meanwhile, Alan Shaw CEO of Norfolk Southern, who was paid $4,362,801 in 2021, offered inhabitants of East Palestine an amazing 1000$ each. Unbelievable! They are just required to sign a paper (I would really read the fineprints before doing anything)…

Friday, activist Erin Brockovich will hold a town hall in East Palestine. Brockovich served as the subject of the 2000 biographical film in which Julia Roberts won an Academy Award for best actress for portraying her.

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  1. Enough with the private part jokes, they’re disgusting and lame. I don’t even care which party these people are from – not a pizza party nor birthday party, but political parties and which one is the “worse evil”. This game of “vote for the lesser evil” is so soul destroying and dumb, RD and JL are criminals for allowing FL to inject its citizens, especially children and babies, with the M0TBs you foolishly worship these men as heroes.

  2. I’m sure that was real tap water, just like the real Vax they show everybody they got. Bottled Water and Saline.

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