The next disaster to take place in another Red State… Toxic wastewater from Ohio train derailment headed to Texas

Toxic wastewater from Ohio train derailment headed to Texas
Toxic wastewater from East palestine train derailment headed to Texas

Toxic wastewater used to extinguish a fire following a train derailment in Ohio is headed to a Houston suburb for disposal.

“I and my office heard today that ‘firefighting water’ from the East Palestine, Ohio, train derailment is slated to be disposed of in our county,” Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo said in a Wednesday statement.

“Our Harris County Pollution Control Department and Harris County Attorney’s have reached out to the company and the Environmental Protection Agency to receive more information,” Hidalgo wrote.

Toxic wastewater from Ohio train derailment headed to Texas
Toxic wastewater from Ohio train derailment headed to Texas. via Twitter

The wastewater is being sent to Texas Molecular, which injects hazardous waste into the ground for disposal.

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The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality told KTRK-TV that Texas Molecular “is authorized to accept and manage a variety of waste streams, including vinyl chloride, as part of their … hazardous waste permit and underground injection control permit.

The company told KHOU-TV it is experienced in managing this type of disposal.

Our technology safely removes hazardous constituents from the biosphere. We are part of the solution to reduce risk and protect the environment, whether in our local area or other places that need the capabilities we offer to protect the environment,” the company said.

The fiery Feb. 3 derailment in Ohio prompted evacuations when toxic chemicals were burned after being released from five derailed tanker rail cars carrying vinyl choride that were in danger of exploding.

It’s … very, very toxic,” Dr. George Guillen, the executive director of the Environmental Institute of Houston, said, but the risk to the public is minimal.

This injection, in some cases, is usually 4,000 or 5,000 feet down below any kind of drinking water aquifer,” said Guillen, who is also a professor of biology and environmental science at the University of Houston-Clear Lake.

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Listen to Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo speeking on the Deer Park company being contracted to dispose of wastewater from an Ohio train derailment:

Both Guillen and Deer Park resident Tammy Baxter said their greatest concerns are transporting the chemicals more than 1,300 miles (2,090 kilometers) from East Palestine, Ohio; to Deer Park, Texas.

There has to be a closer deep well injection,” Baxter told KTRK. “It’s foolish to put it on the roadway. We have accidents on a regular basis … It is silly to move it that far.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who visited the derailment site Thursday, has warned the railroad responsible for the derailment, Norfolk Southern, to fulfill its promises to clean up the mess just outside East Palestine, Ohio, and help the town recover.

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Buttigieg has also announced a package of reforms intended to improve rail safety while regulators try to strengthen safety rules. [APNews]

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  1. We told you a head of time false flag operations are coming near your cities? We told you all a head of time and predicted FEB 20 Turkey quakes… Every day a truck accidents with rail roads .. Is this common now in old good USA? California Earthquake is near due massive floods and snow due HAARP was active. We tell you also Tehran is ready go for 8.5 quakes?

  2. EPA ( environmental polluter association )

    Report just stated EPA is halting clean up for some retarded reason. Residents are freaking pissed off too.

  3. There is no end to what this Railroad will get away with.
    They ( Norfolk and Southern) were asked, where this wastewater is going by the residents, they were told, we don’t know..

    • What should be major news on every truly alternative media/news platform, but isn’t? That special needs (aluminum/A.S.D. B damage victim in a fivegee filled public skool) teen mauling his poor white teacher aide, on camera. Why isn’t this being posted everywhere?

  4. Tell them to fuque off and that you’ll blow up every truck that dares to bring that crap down here and put their drivers in prison for crimes against humanity for trying to dispose of toxic materials against the will of the people Texas !!

  5. you know where that water is going to wind up right in the city water supply. there all lying commie S-Bags working at that commie bureaucracy, like all of the Marxist agencies are now. we can thank the previous black sodomite negro for doing this to our nation, his presidency was all based on massive voter fraud as well as massive diversity and inclusion of all filth and perversions the democratic party can push out.

  6. The EPA and environmentalists have more important things to do, like giving people a hard time for catching runoff water in rain barrels.

    • You got that right.
      Their philosophy is to screw with the trivial so they can be human ostriches to the real problems.
      They have all turned into bully dictators who are scared of their own shadows.

  7. Of course the Commies are moving it to a Southern Red State so they can cause more damage to people and the environment. How stupid do they think we Southerners are? They inject the poison water in to the ground,then in a few years it begins to leach out into the Houston Ship Channel which is a direct shot to the Gulf where the fish and shrimp are harvested for food.That will end that.Before long there won’t be any life in the Gulf at all,that is the plan.And let’s not forget Galveston Bay also.

    • In other news:

      Sam Britton, (the transvestite luggage thief) was arrested for trying to sexually molest the Samsonite luggage gorrila.

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