Latest unexplained strange sounds from the sky in June 2015: Romania, USA, New Zealand


Here the last reports of unexplained strange sounds from the sky heard around the world!

What do you think they are?

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For an updated list visit our strange noise page!

June 24 2015, somewhere – Strange odd clashes. Video

June 23 2015, Romania – Strange sounds coming from the sky in Bucharest. Video

June 18 2015, Romania – Strange noises in the sky of Bucharest. Video

June 17 2015, USA – Highpiched noise in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Video

June 12 2015, New Zealand – Weird sky noises in Auckland. Video

May 25 2015, Indonesia – Weird unexplained trumpet noise. Video

Thank you to Enigma Seeker for his great videos!

A complete lists of strange sounds’ reports from 2009-2015 is compiled here!

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