What is this strange light dancing within a thunderstorm cloud in Greenwood, Indiana?


What is this strange light tornado twisting within a thunderstorm cloud over Greenwood, Indiana?

Is this HAARP? An alien spaceship refueling over the clouds? Or just an another intriguing natural sky phenomenon?

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As explained by Reddit, this strange sky phenomenon you are seeing is:

[quote_box_center] sunlight reflecting off ice crystal faces that are constantly being oriented by the developing electric field just above the [cumulonimbus] top. Then there is a discharge in the cloud, and the field collapses momentarily, and the crystals begin to realign again. Then this just keeps happening over and over.[/quote_box_center]

The phenomenon is called “crown flash” or “leaping sun dog”.

Here a compilation of similar sky phenomena that have been recorded over the last years around the world.

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