Creepy animal sounds from the forest – Fox scream? Bird? Bobcat? Deer?


Sometimes animals make creepy noises!

Do you know what creatures are making these noises at night?

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Massimo Righi

The first video was recorded in Export, Pennsylvania on July 8, 2015:

A bird? A bobcat? a deeer? Or a fox screaming? This is what he writes:

[quote_box_center]Is was walking my dog at midnight on 7/8/15 and heard these sounds coming from the woods behind my home. You can also hear my dog breathing and me getting something from the car. Any ideas on what it is? A bird? Bobcat? Deer?[/quote_box_center]

The second video was recorded during a camping night! Wow! this must have been really frightening:

Again what animal makes such creepy sounds?

Howler monkeys are also terrifying at night!

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  1. Screeching like a woman is most likely a fox. (1st video) Just heard one this evening.
    The second one sounded a bit like a bobcat a scratchy kind of yowl. I have heard one several times in the woods behind my house.

  2. I heard the exact same sounds in my backyard(from the first video idk about the second one). I live in the city, so definitely nothing big. We have do have foxes in the neighborhood, but my best guess is two raccoons fighting.

  3. We are researching the same type of sound – (almost like a woman screaming) in the woods behind our house in central Delaware. Two possibilities are Redtail Hawk and a Bobcat.

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