HAARP is not dead and will continue producing these strange sounds in the sky


HAARP is not down!

And the University of Alaska Fairbanks will take ownership of the controversial Gakona’s High Frequency Active Auroral Program.

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After two bumpy years waiting for the US Air Force to decide what to do with HAARP, The University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF), has won its bid to take over the facility for research purposes.

About a year ago, UAF managed to delay the Air Force’s plan to close and demolish the HAARP compound. Now, UAF will take ownership of the $200 million facility next month.

[quote_box_center]It’s a transfer, and next month the facilities and equipment will formally transfer from the military to the university. And then we have two years to work with the Air Force to come to an agreement to transfer land (1500 acres of land out of the 5500 acres the Air Force owns in Gakona).[/quote_box_center]

The HAARP facility has inspired at least one book: Angels Don’t Play This Haarp, by Nick Begich.

HAARP is one of only three similar facilities in the world. One is in Norway (Eiscat) and another in Russia (Sura).

HAARP turns the ionosphere into a laboratory. And there’s a lot of science that can be done. The Navy, in the past, has been interested in using the ionosphere like an antenna, to generate extremely low frequency waves to communicate with submarines. And even things like creating simulation in the ionosphere to modulate radio waves and to understand its strong influence on satellite communications. Or is it more linked to top secret military research.

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  1. That sound was identical to the one I had taped later, and lasted just as long. Now since I’ve been following this worldwide strange sounds phenomenon for some time, the whole ‘End of the world’ thing popped instantly into my head.

  2. The object in question is most likely a brown dwarf (much bigger than Earth) and won’t hit us. According to several ancient sources, it comes between us and the sun every 3500 years. The Egyptians, the Maya, the Chinese and several other ancient cultures(all separated by thousands of miles and oceans,) described this object as a giant red dragon/serpent and said it brought ruin to their civilization, as well as their ancestors, and it would return to destroy the civilizations of a future generation. Based on the books of Velikovsky, its very likely that we are that future generation.
    60 years ago he told us that when the object returns (in the early 21st century), it would cause the planets core to heat up. This in turn would cause volcanic and quake activity to increase, as well as heat our ocean, causing our weather to become extreme and unpredictable. He also said that this object has a large debris field, which would cause an increase in fireballs. In 2010 all of these this started to happen just as he said, and every year its been getting worse. People will attack Velikovsky’s theories, but there’s no denying he accurately predicted what state our world would be in at this time. People can make of that what they will. We live in a time of false prophets predicting the end of days…but only Velikovsky has been right so far.

  3. HAARP is not responsible for the strange sounds…this is disinformation to distract from the real cause. In the 1950’s, Immanuel Velikovsky warned us that a large celestial object with a 3500 year orbit would return in the early 21’s century. One of the things he said we could expect was loud noises in the sky. He said that as two electrically charged bodies approach each other in space, they make a loud trumpeting sound. This sound is actually coming from deep within the earth and filling the skies. According to the ancient Egyptians, this noise will become constant and deafening to the point that it drives man insane.

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