Seismic anomaly: Earthquake booms rattle Massachussetts, Alabama, North Carolina and Texas from November 15 to 17.


Earthquakes creating loud booms struck Massachussetts, Alabama, North Carolina and Texas from November 15 to 17 2015.

Is this a sign of an anomalic unrest in the USA?

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Scientists have discovered a mysterious and hidden hotspot track beneath the eastern United States cros-cutting the New Madrid rift system.

November 17 2015, USA – Big loud explosion felt in Holliston, Massachussetts as earthquake strikes. Link

November 16, 2015 – USA – Earthquake booms rattle Puttnam, Baldwin counties, Alabama. Link

Here a video of the earthquake sound in Puttnam:

November 16 2015, USA –  Loud rumbling in southern Davidson County, North Carolina. Link

The next one is probably linked to fracking:

November 15 2015 , US – Loud booms follow earthquake in Denton area, Texas. Link

Finally, November 18 2015, Sweden – Loud noise as rare earthquake strikes Halmstad near Gothenburg. Link

Everything is covered in this video:

These many reports of “booms” cannot be explained by man-made sources. And no one knows for sure. Scientists speculate that these “booms” are probably small shallow earthquakes that are too small to be recorded, but large enough to be felt by people nearby. What do you think about these mysterious booms and rumblings?

Scientists have discovered a hotspot track cross-cutting the New Madrid Rift System…

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