Bright fireball explodes over Spain on December 31 2015


2015 ended with a big bang as a bright fireball exploded in the sky over Spain.

On the last day of 2015, a skycam in northeast Spain caught a very bright meteor burning up in the morning sky:

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This sporadic fireball exploded in the sky over Span and was reported from Aragon, Balearic Islands, Valencia, Madrid, Navarra, Basque Country and Murcia. Amazing!

The gif animated image was captured by cameras at the Ebro Observatory (E. Blanch / CSIC-URLl – JMTrigo / CSIC-IEEC).

This bright fireball probably got brighter than the full Moon.

The tremendeous meteor was apparently accompanied by a strong boom as reported by many witnesses in central and northern Spain – from Aragon, Balearic Islands, Valencia, Madrid, Navarra, Basque Country to Murcia.

Here a compilation of different sounds meteor produce when they fall down to Earth.

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  1. Although this is common folklore surrounding the film, it is very unlikely that any of the meteors seen in the film (there are three) are real. My understanding is that this scene was shot during the day and made to look like a night time shot by under exposing the film; the meteor would have needed to be a significant fireball to generate this image. Jaws was shot during a meteor shower but it is doubtful that any of these were caught on film (even at night the exposure needed would have over exposed everything else and the long exposures would have resulted in grainy and blurred foreground images). No doubt Spielberg witnessed several meteors during this shot, was tickled by them, and added meteors post production – in fact he incorporated them into many of his subsequent films.

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