Mysterious hum captured in the deep ocean baffles scientists


What is this mysterious hum detected in the deep oceans?

Researchers have discovered an eerie low humming sound that emanates from the deep ocean depths every day around dawn and dusk.

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What is the origin of the mysterious deep ocean hum detected by scientists.

Of course, who or what is making the sound remains unexplained…

The mystery noise is not too loud, sounds like a buzzing or humming, and goes on for an hour to two hours, depending on the day.

Scientists believe it comes from an organism chanting in unison. Indeed:

The unknown sound comes from a region between 660 to 3,300 feet below the surface that’s too dark for photosynthesis to occur. Since food is scarce there, many of the bizarre organisms that call this region home must migrate up and down the water column en masse on a daily basis to feed. These migrations typically happen at dawn and dusk, which coincides with the weird humming sound.

Is the hum a diner bell? Or even the sound of these thousands of migrating animals moving through the depths simultaneously? Or maybe a mating calls? I doubt it!

Up to now, no known marine creature noise matches to the noise. And they will probably never find one.

I believe the ocean’s humming noise is caused from giant waves crashing on the bottom of the ocean like those off New Zealand or of our Earth breathing.

There are many unexplained noises coming from the deep ocean. And this new sound should be added to this list until our friends scientists clearly determine its origin… If once!

What name should we give to it?

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