2.5 hertz frequency causes earthquakes – Sonic booms and Earth rumbling noises since June 15th 2011


Your site has made me rethink moving. Seems there is no escaping.

Since June 14th 2011 I’ve heard earth groaning sounds on and off in spurts.

strange noise

I believe I heard earth tunneling equipment under ground. The sound seemed to move closer and closer across the Phoenix valley coming from southeast to Northwest direction and always in the early hours before day break. Walmart has earth burrowing machine.

2 years ago cell towers popped up all over my neighborhood. I have 11 in a one mile radius of my home (by the agua fria river), which is also when I had a problem start with invisible fleas which fits the bill of Lyme/morgellons. Searching for cures I found the cause; Shungite meteorite; the fullerenes make fibers grown in your skin and replicates in water. Shungite is said to transform you, which is what Moldavite meteorite is said to do. It does and for the worst!  It’s said to eat disease, eat bacteria. It also loves collagen, bone, calcium, potassium, magnesium.

The cell tower signals activate the evil crap. It self replicates. It’s destroying my concrete all around my house; loves limestone also. There are cracks all over my streets since the cell towers were installed and the hum from them hurts my head badly.  The signal moves slowly and makes my house crack and my body hurt in the same locations as it moves. In these 2 years the sirens go off in my neighborhood 2 to 3 times daily. I think it causes brain aneurisms and heart problems. I live on the border of Phoenix.

I have 2 cell towers on opposite sides of my work place in the past 1 1/2 years and there have been at least 5 water main breaks in a one mile radius that I’ve observed since the cell towers were installed. Coincidence? There was 3 earthquakes in black canyon city less than 1 mile from the new cell tower that’s next to I17 (by the agua fria river).  Why would anyone purposely do this? Supposedly it’s the plans of the elite.

If you have the power to write stories that might help this situation, consider writing that God made us in his image and it’s said that what Jesus could do so could we and more. If we the people with good intent believe it, things could turn around for the better.

In hind site I’m thinking now that the Taos Hum was a military experiment for what they are doing world wide. Maybe they are separating the surface of the earth so the polar shift won’t be as bad. If the liquified earth gets caught in the deep earth while spinning it might be torn up worse than using low frequency sound to sort of seperate the upper layer.  Also there will be too many people after the polar shift to tend to. This might be thinning the heard.

In the past few weeks I heard minisonic booms constantly at home. I know it’s because of the cell towers. I think they also cause the major sinkholes. 2.5 hertz frequency causes earthquakes. The easy path is to assume I’m a nut job so you don’t have to research what I wrote. It won’t take long to validate what I typed as valid.

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