The fascinating musical pillars of Vittala temple in Hampi


Some ancient south Indian Hindu temples built between the 8th century and the 16th century have in them incredible architectural elements known as musical pillars.

These music columns, made in solid granite, were played to accompany devotional chants, vocal music and dance performances.

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Vinayak Kulkarni via Wikipedia

The Vittala temple is one of the principal monuments of Hampi. As its name implies, the 16th century temple is dedicated to Vittala, an aspect of Vishnu worshipped in the Maratha country.

One of the notable features of the Vittala Temple is the musical pillars. Each of the pillars that support the roof of the main temple is supported by a pillar representing a musical instrument, and is constructed as 7 minor pillars arranged around a main pillar. These 7 pillars, when struck, emanate the 7 notes from the representative instrument, varying in sound quality based on whether it represents a wind, string or percussion instrument.

To debunk the mystery of the chanting pillars, the British cut two pillars… But they found nothing inside.

The musical pillars of Vithala temple in Hampi produce melodious and feet-tapping tunes.

Now listen to ringing rocks in Pennsylvania.

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