Mysterious Musical Stones Sounds Like Xylophones in Ringing Rocks Park, Pennsylvania


Can you imagine playing music with rocks?

Well listen to this rock concert!

Incredible, no? Yes I find pretty amazing that such clear and bell-like tones emanate from the stones when they are struck with a hammer.

Mysterious ringing stones?

Singing boulders are found in different places around the world, i.e., UK: Musical stones of Skiddaw; USA: Pennsylvania, Montana; Australia: Bell Rock Range.

The best known is probably the Ringing Rocks Park in Upper Black Eddy, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, which is 7 acres large and over 10 feet deep.

It is secluded within a forest, thus adding to this mysterious sound a mystic taste.

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The exact mechanism responsible for the ringing tones remains a mystery.

But one thing is sure, these rocks lose their musical ability once taken away from the other stones. Just another mysterious geological oddity!

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