3 active volcanoes erupt simultaneously in the South Atlantic Ocean


Three active volcanoes erupted simultaneously, unleashing giant plumes of smoke in the South Atlantic Ocean.

The three stratovolcanoes are located on the South Sandwich Islands. Volcanoes in the region are some of the least studied in the world.

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From down to up: Bistol Island, Saunders Island and Zavodovski Island

Volcanic eruptions in remote, uninhabited places like the South Atlantic would likely go unnoticed without satellites and seismic monitoring.

But on Sept. 29, NASA’s Aqua satellite captured the plumes from these volcano triplets in a false-color image.

Earlier this year, Mount Sourabaya erupted for the first time in 60 years… And not a single human soul saw the eruptions live. Instead, it was NASA satellites that captured images of the eruption on Bristol Island in the South Sandwich Islands chain.

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  1. Do only I see that 2016 is record year in volcanic activity? It seems that not only Ring of Fire is heating up… And I found some time ago youtube clip where Putin allegedly said about Yellowstone that can erupt in end of 2016.

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