Mysterious fireball disintegrates in the sky of Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador


A mysterious fireball was filmed exploding in different pieces in the sky over Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua at 04:30 UTC on December 28, 2016 (22:30 CST on December 27).

Some witnesses report loud booms and up to seven flashes during the disintegration of the bright space rock. But was this a meteor or space junk?

Here another great video of the mysterious object disintegrating in the night sky:

The Salvadoran Association of Astronomy ASTRO said the brilliant fireball that surprised many Salvadorans tonight was also visible from Guatemala City and Managua.

The Insivume believes it is indeed a sapce bolide:

“In our opinion, the sighting at 22:30 was a meteor crossing the sky of Guatemala from south to west,” Insivumeh said.

Although officials and skywatchers agree the event was a meteor disintegrating, some say -like me – the slow nature of the strange event indicates a possible space debris coming back to Earth. It was indeed observed for more than 30 seconds.

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