Mount Paektu supervolcano in North Korea is set to erupt and cause a global catastrophe


Mount Paektu, a deadly and active North Korean super volcano, is set to erupt and cause a global catastrophe, the likes of which would not have been seen for a thousand years.

The active volcano is responsible for one of the deadliest eruptions in human history and experts believe history is about to repeat itself.

mount paektu eruption, mount paektu, mount paektu supervolcano eruption, supervolcano eruption, Mount Paektu supervolcano in North Korea is set to erupt and cause a global catastrophe. The question is when.
Mount Paektu supervolcano in North Korea is set to erupt and cause a global catastrophe. The question is when.

The 9,000 feet giant volcano located on the border between North Korea and China is the highest peak of the Korean Peninsula.

Mount Paekdu is not far from a North Korean nuclear test facility where the government is conducting nuclear bomb tests.

Such has been the fear around Mount Paektu that it has sparked a rare collaboration with North Korea and the West, with the largely secretive nation inviting scientists from the UK and US to help study it.

This volcano was thought to have minimal sulphur release. Now, new studies show that the eruption could eject far more sulphur into the atmosphere than previously thought. In contrast to earlier estimates, the 946 eruption did eject large volumes – up to 45 megatons – of sulphur into the atmosphere.


Mount Paektu once underwent one of the most devastating eruptions in history in 946 AD when it erupted so powerfully that it formed a five kilometre caldera at its summit and produced enough ash that it even showered Japan – almost 1,100km away.

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  1. No man knows the mind and the will of GOD except as HE discloses it to us. However, we do have some limited knowledge of science today, and a bit of intelligence and intuition.

    It may appear to some that these magma chambers being recharged could be a geologic preparation for dealing with the extreme evil that has taken over North Korea and China.

    Both of these nations may well find their massive armies and even their nuclear weapons are useless in the face of a massive volcanic eruption. If the Creator wants to stop a war, he has the tools and the ability to do so in an instant, and humanity would do well to remember that fact.

  2. Although Mount Paektu’s eruption in 945 AD was among the most powerful within the last 5000 years, Mount Paektu by no means qualifies as a “supervolcano.” Supervolcanoes such as the Yellowstone caldera in the United States, and the Toba cadera in Sumatra, absolutely dwarf Mt. Paektu. Should Yellowstone erupt, it would cover two-thirds of the United States as well as portions of southwestern Canada and northern Mexico with ash and set ablaze millions of acres of forest. Yellowstone’s caldera itself covers over 1500 square miles. Think of 375 Mt. Paektus erupting simultaneously and you get some idea of why they’re called ‘supervolcanoes.’

  3. JTD there was a time in human history where the human race was almost extinct. We don’t know when this exactly happen but there was only 20% of human’s on this earth. I’m guessing it had to be something major and a super volcano could be one of them. I wouldn’t call it Fear mongering when our government is making under ground bunker’s for some reason and if you seen picture’s in your own back yard of Yellow Stone the earth is bulging so we do have super volcano’s and yes they have erupted in the past you can’t forget mother earth is still alive. Our planet is not dead. When would this happen? WE really can’t know how to tell yet but it will happen.

    • Agree Jessie … there is real science behind the study of past eruptions. Not sure JTD has studied much of anything. We do know that it will become really “uncomfortable” if any of the planet’s super-volcanoes decides to hiccup. I guess such an event will really make my organic garden a bit harder to manage – so much for prepping for the zombies!

  4. More fear mongering. The Alternative news media is no different than the msm. Just the devil in another disguise. If the supposed 945AD eruption was so devastating why are we still here? More BS. Who’s behind this “Fake News”?

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