Mysterious boom and shaking as bright fireball explodes over Queensland, Australia


A bright fireball exploded in the sunset sky over Queensland, Australia around 18:00 local time (08:00 UTC) on April 16, 2017.

The disintegration was accompanied by loud, explosion-like booms in the area around Killarney on the Southern Downs.

A large meteorite has been videoed burning up across the sky in SEQLD at 6pm tonight! Deslee Oldham was very lucky to capture it from Runaway Bay on the Gold Coast:

Here another video showing the bright meteor shoot after 41 seconds:

Some reports suggest a possible fall over land. A possible fall area is near Urbenville, NSW.: “It was going extremely fast though so it would have to be a big meteoroid to survive all the way to the ground. Had to be big though to be seen on a phone video with the sky still so bright.

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via Facebook video

Loud booms and house shaking have been reported: Louise Reed from the Queen Mary Falls Caravan Park posted, “We heard it up here too. It looked like a shooting star right before it and then bang.” And this from Krystal N Lillee Cook, “We heard it in oak street…was really loud like a big crack of thunder.”

Did you also see and/or hear it?

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