Another huge wave anomaly coming from Antarctica – What the heck is really going on?


What’s really going on?

Another huge wave anomaly has been caught coming from Antarctica.

This new video by DAHBOO77 shows a new massive wave anomaly coming from Antarctica, 2 weeks after the last one captured on May 14, 2017.

DAHBOO77 has caught several of these mysterious features in the past few months, with point of origin hidden on all of them.

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What’s Really Going On? Another Huge Wave Anomaly Caught on Video Coming from Antarctica. via Youtube video

There are no satisfying explanations. One thing is for sure: this weird signal must be coming from one of the dozens of Mystery Bases in this area. Maybe you have another idea?

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  1. CERN is up and running… 20 PeV… and increasing… see for more info digested for laymen. CERN routinely “dumps” the beam into the earth’s natural electromagnetic currents… and they cause quakes and other anomaly. The project is international… and it is reasonable to connect dots with Antarctica. fyi. Reporting, R.E. Sutherland, M.Ed./sciences

  2. Follow the earthquakes up throughout the path of this “energy wave”. Tin-foil hat warning but… are they trying to trigger the BIG quake on the west coast of the US?? Currently lots of activity off the west coast with the slow slip going on now for what? 10 weeks?? Supposedly when this slow-slip event stops, a much larger quake is to follow, same as it did when Fukushima got slammed… Just sayin….

  3. Rouge waves in the ocean have been shown time and time again to be possible when a series of smaller waves merge with other waves causing them to build in amplitude. It does not have to be a mysterious thing. Quayle has to have everything a mystery and a conspiracy

  4. Oops. Sorry that’s a ? Mark. I meant, what about the first HAARP facility in Gakona Alaska? You forgot the first one!

  5. @ZV – PLEASE post some links to the proof. I have been researching this for about 10 yrs and would love to add some ammo to my files.

  6. In Antarctica they have the HAARP facility through where they control the weather!
    There is no more Mother Nature, all the disasters in the world are man-made, most of them by the American army. And they admit it, I have proof.
    There is also one facility in Australia, New Zealand and they are setting up some more around the world !, if we do not stop it, a lot of people will die.

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