The largest tornado on record swept across Oklahoma killing 8 people on May 31 2013


A bit of history is always welcome just to keep you updated about what is possible, even if it is unimaginable.

Exactly four years ago, the widest tornado on record was captured in Oklahoma. At maximal intensity, the width of the tornado’s path was a whopping 4,200 yards.

The maximum wind velocity in the tornado reached 135 m / s. This massive tornado was only categorized as a EF3 tornado because the Fujita scale is not based on wind speed, but primarily on the damage tornadoes inflict on human-built structures and vegetation. But according to everbody this was the largest EF5 tornado ever!

So creepy!

In overall, the widest tornado ever reported killed eight people, including a group of three tornado chasers among others the famous engineer and meteorologist Tim Samaras. Just get prepared for the next big one!

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