The seismic unrest continues around Tanagua volcano and Adak, Alaska


Yesterday, I was exposing that a M6.4, followed by a M5.2, earthquake hit near Tanaga volcano.

It seems that the unrest continues with more than 33 earthquakes – 9 of them between M4.5 and M5.0 – rumbling the area.

tanaga volcano adak earthquake swarm
Two swarms of earthquake are currently striking Tanaga volcano and near Adak, Alaska. via USGS

Tanaga volcano hasn’t erupted since 1929.

Just a few hundred miles below, near Adak, another series of strong quakes is currently hitting since yesterday morning:

M 5.7 – 94km SSW of Adak, Alaska
M 5.9 – 88km SSW of Adak, Alaska
M 5.4 – 81km SSW of Adak, Alaska
M 5.4 – 92km S of Adak, Alaska

What is currently going on in this remote volcanic area of the Aleutian Islands?

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