Strange things from the sky: Megacryometeor in Florida, mysterious rock-like object in India, and latest fireballs sightings in June 2017


Since the beginning of the month, skywatchers around the world are reporting an increased of bright fireballs, sometimes brighter than the moon, disintegrating around the world.

Here the latest meteor sightings since June 2017: A mysterious rock-like object lands in India and fireballs brighter than the moon exploding in the sky of the US, the UK, Switzerland, Greece, and France.

Bright fireball over Corfu, Greece on June 3
Bright fireball over Corfu, Greece on June 3, 2017. via

On June 6, 2017, a mysterious rock-like object fell from the sky in an open field in the city of Jaipur, causing panic among locals. The dark grey object appears to be a meteorite and weighs around 4kg (8.8 lbs).

Meanwhile, this huge chunk of ice mysteriously fell from the sky in Cape Coral, Florida on June 1, 2017:

In between, this huge metallic blue fireball was captured by Bill Metallinos in the sky over Corfu in Greece on June 3, 2017:

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The photo above showing a startling fireball appearing to rip apart the night sky was seen during a star observation session at Mount Pantokrator on the Greek island of Corfu. by Bill Metallinos

On June 2nd, this meteor engulfed the sky over Arizona, USA at around 3am:

This bright meteor exploded over Switzerland on 02.06.2017, 00:38:41 UTC. The video was captured by cameras at Montsevelier, ValTerbi in Jura canton:

Finally, this green to orange fireball meteor was shining “brighter than the moon” when it disintegrated in the sky Nottingham to Guernsey, and as far away as north-west France, with over 50 members of the public reporting the sighting on June 1, 2017. Here 5 videos of the major meteor event:

Expect some more earthgrazing meteor fireballs since we have the mysterious Arietid meteor shower peaking tomorrow night, June 6, 2017.

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