80 sheep commit suicide in Turkey


80 sheep committed suicide in front of their astonished shepherd in Turkey on July 12, 2017.

The weird incident occurred in the mountainous region of Muradiye in the south-east of the country.

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80 sheep commit suicide in Turkey. via Haber7

As the shepherd Ercan Ozer explains, one sheep first jumped off a cliff and then all the other 79 followed. The sheep owner tried to stop the crazy animals in vain only saving a small part of his herd.

The shepherd cannot explains the suicide phenomenon and argues the sheep were not scared and were not in danger.

80 sheep suicide turkey, 80 sheep commit suicide in Turkey, 80 sheep commit suicide in Turkey picture, 80 sheep commit suicide in Turkey video
The reason behind the new sheep mass suicide in Turkey is unknown. via Haber7

The reason behind the large sheep suicide is unclear, but it is not the first time it occurs in Turkey. In 2005, more than 400 sheeps committed mass suicide in the eastern province of Van. In 2010, another mass suicide (50 animals) happened in Turkey near the city of Erzincan, just before the holiday of sacrifice Eid al-Adha:

In June 2017, a herd of 13 cows jumped to their death off of a 50 metre-high cliff leaving Swiss farmers baffled. The strange behavior is still a mystery today.

Why are animals committing suicide?

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  1. Animals have a natural instinct when it comes to catastrophe and imminent danger. Turkey and it’s leader have been in the news a lot lately concerning his orders to kill those that tried to overthrow him. About a year ago there was a video on youtube that said Erdogan wanted his followers to call him god. And now we hear about him wanting to behead those that opposed him. What if the sheep sensed the great evil and what is to come from Turkey? We may never know, but it’s something to think about…

  2. This is just like one of the early South Park episodes where the cows are committing mass suicide by jumping off a cliff.

  3. It is hard to say if these sheeps just jumped down because of their slave-herd mentality or due to demonic possessions which are common as never before from September 2015. Antichrist is the allah itself, collective being combined of trillions of various demons, fallen angels and deformed assimilated aliens, his tentacles are trying to possess everyone and wrap into most earthly things far from spirituality. And often successfully. From all spiritual monsters he is definitely the most hard opponent to destroy due to dwelling in very low ethereal dimensions, just above physical.
    Strong sides:
    – settled in very low densities (dimensions) where spiritual abilities are strongly blocked
    – extremely numerous
    – controls probably entire solar system
    – very sneaky
    – crazily aggressive
    – uses internet and telecomunication webs and devices to spread very effectively and possess people
    – can possess people changing utterly their behaviour and personality and completely destroy their relations with others
    – spreads very toxic, suffocating and stinking dark energies which can make feel weak, ill, depressed and can cause bad weather
    – his attacks cause little headache and totally crazy thoughts
    Weak sides:
    – very cowardly
    – weak in units
    – stupid and dumb
    – easy to make upset and furious
    – easy to stir
    – mentally unstable and prone to depression
    – addicted to matter, lowest energies and attention
    – afraid of: sun, light, fire, plasma, electricity, radioactivity, loud sounds (especially explosions, thunders and jet engines), good weather, temperature over 20*C, thunderstorms, tornadoes, volcanoes, supercells, downpours, strong winds, solar plasma eruptions, auroras, intense psionic energies and generally he hates nature
    – hates laugh and sense of humour

  4. Perhaps Demonic possession caused it! As in the Biblical account when Jesus went to Gergesenes, and cast out demons/devils from two men, and the demons recognized Jesus and requested to go into the swine/pigs on the hill, and Jesus said go(ahead). Therefore, when the demons possessed the pigs the whole herd ran to the sea and drown themselves! Moral of the story: even one of the lowest carnal animals(an earth cleaner/scavenger) doesn’t want a filthy, vile demon in them!

  5. Even sheep and cattle know and praise the True and Holy God of Heaven and Earth. These refused to be sacrificed to satan in the name of allah and instead sacrificed themselves to Holy God.

  6. We all know that Turkey has taken a turn toward the dark side with Erdogan’s flirtation with radical islam, even the sheep want nothing to do with islam! Smart sheep!!

  7. In the Bible, Mark 5:1-20, Jesus cast out many evil spirits from a man. These pleaded to enter the swine. and Jesus permitted it. When they entered the swine (or pigs), these swine ran down into the sea and were drowned. Since we must be living in the last days, the demons must be numerous and active. They might have gone into these animals, and the animals could not stand their presence.

    • I was thinking the very same thing. Unfortunately, there are still many people that are very ignorant concerning the spiritual side of life that has always existed along our physical plane. These ignorant sheep, like Jason and Federaltroll no doubt will be the first candles to be extinguished when the time comes. They have no idea what is coming.

  8. Well can you blame the sheep? Get buggered by a smelly Arab or commit suicide? Decisions, decisions, …

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