Chinese Nessie spotted emerging from lake as witnesses scream in horror


Is that the Chinese Nessie seen emerging from a lake?

The unidentified creature appears to lift its head out of the water before suddenly disappearing again.

An underwater monster was spotted emerging from a lake in Luoping County, China’s south-western Yunnan Province. The following video, showing grainy images of what appears to be a beast now known as the “Chinese Nessie“, has now gone viral.

chinese nessie video

The mysterious animal quickly disappeared under the water after revealing part of what looks like its head or back.

chinese nessie video

Did you hear the people screaming as the weird event occurs? Locals believe the beast had a much larger body and are now lining the edges of the lake in hopes of spotting the Chinese Nessie once more.

chinese nessie video

Residents of the village said the unidentified animal could be an endangered Chinese alligator, which actually only lives in the waters of the Yangtze River in East China. And this is really far away!

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  1. It will be on a menu tomorrow. With pork fried rice, egg roll and hot and sour soup. $7.99.
    Soi hai fi chai!!

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