African sand over Florida: The world’s largest desert, the Sahara, covers Florida with dust


There is currently something weird happening in the sky over Florida… and it’s coming from half a world away.

The world’s largest desert, the Sahara, sends its greetings: Dust!

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Saharan dust sweeps over Southwest Florida. via NBC-2

Today was hazy over parts of Florida as large quantities of dry dusty air were carried over thousands of kilometers from Sahara to Florida.

This weather phenomenon occurs roughly once every summer and has some weird consequences on the local microclimate:

  1. Rain will be scarce although the humidity and heat are high. This is rare, expecially in the rainy season.
  2. The temperatures will get higher than normal with highs around 94-97 degrees.
  3. You will most probably enjoy some of your most vivid sunsets and sunrises as the suspended dust scatters the sun rays.

The Saharan dust should disappear over the week-end for more common weather forecast.

Amazing! You have African sand in Florida!

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  1. I live in S. Florida this is an anual event, and a tough one. It brings on sinsus problems and breathing problems for the young and elderly. It makes a mess of our clean cars, and I wish it went some place else. Seems like everything is at an extreme when it comes to earth events. DOWNPOURS of Rain in a short time, leaving the areas flooded – people’s homes and lives destroyed. Airplane Turblence – that has never been this rough or unexpected. THESE ARE INDEED SCARY TIMES.

    • This is totally normal, it’s part of the natural weather pattern, but you probably heard it for the first time, and the “Climate Change” militants are taking adventage of the ignorants to espread fear and concern over a well know meteorological fenomenom, persistent as the red spot in Jupiter atmosfere. I will recommend you and others like you to estudy basic meteorology and foun out by yourself the wonderfully balanced word and how insignifican is the human activity, we can’t change the weather, even if we try. don’t be alarm, be happy.we’re ok.

  2. And what becomes of all the Depleted Uranium BUST that the USA has been exploding all over the World? It ALSO gets wind blown ………..

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