Super Typhoon Noru becomes 2017’s strongest storm so far after dramatic strengthening


On Saturday, it was just an ordinary tropical storm sweeping through the Pacific Ocean.

But in a day’s time, the storm named Noru exploded – becoming a super typhoon and the planet’s most intense storm of the year so far.

 noru super typhoon, noru super typhoon video, noru super typhoon pictures, noru super typhoon news, noru super typhoon update, noru super typhoon 2017, Capital Weather Gang After explosive strengthening, Super Typhoon Noru is 2017’s strongest storm so far
After explosive strengthening, Super Typhoon Noru is 2017’s strongest storm so far. JMA via CIRA/RAMMB

In a mere 18 hours, Noru’s peak winds increased by 90 mph. What a major, major change!

Here is a satellite animation showing it change from a tropical storm to a Super Typhoon with storm’s peak windsof at least 150 mph:

From a somewhat ragged swirl, Noru became almost perfectly circular and symmetric — flaunting an unmistakable eye.

Once it neared and reached peak intensity late Sunday, boasting maximum sustained winds of 160 mph – equivalent to a Category 5 hurricane – the images were jaw-dropping:

Here’s a close-up inside the eye of Noru, revealing small swirls known as mesovortices:

Noru, which meandered in the Pacific for 10 days before it turned into a Super Typhoon, weakened slightly Monday. The Joint Typhoon Warning Center said its maximum sustained winds had fallen to about 145 mph — the equivalent of a Category 4 hurricane. Slow weakening is forecast over the next 36 hours. The storm could threaten Japan in about a week.

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