Brutal seismic sound of Hurricane Irma and the M8.1 Mexico earthquake (video)


This video features the powerful and brutal seismic sound (played ~10000 times faster) of Hurricane Irma and the M8.1 Mexico earthquake recorded in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Watch out to the loud earthquake sound near the end!

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hurricane irma

Hurricane Irma – the strongest storm ever recorded over the Atlantic – slammed Florida after wreaking havoc in the Caribbean. Even as Irma was downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm, millions remain without power.

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M8.2 earthquake hits Mexico on September 7 2017. via USGS

At least 70 people were killed after a massive M8.1 earthquake – one of the biggest recorded in Mexico – struck off the country’s southern coast late on Thursday, causing cracks in buildings, in the ground and triggering a small tsunami.

On the ground, Irma sounds like a furious train. Terrifying!

The video above was made by Zhigang Peng @ Georgia Tech

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