The Golden Gate Bridge Eerie Humming Noise Baffles San Francisco Residents (Video)


Bay Area residents were serenaded by the Golden Gate Bridge as wind gusts passed through the region last Friday.

A completely new and eerie phenomenon… But with a relatively simple explanation.

golden gate bridge eerie noise SF, Golden Gate Bridge makes eerie noise in San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge makes eerie noise in San Francisco. Picture via Twitter video

A number of individuals shared videos of the eerie humming sound coming from the bridge, with many reporting they could hear the noise from miles away.

here again:

The humming noise can be heard all over the city, with many residents complaining about the noise.

Here’s the sound from Land’s End,” wrote another Twitter user. “I had been hearing it for weeks and felt like I was losing my mind.

After enough people inquired about the noise, the Golden Gate Bridge Sargent reported the sound is caused by wind hitting new sidewalk railing slats.

The National Weather Service reported wind gusts of 45-60 miles per hour in San Francisco and Marin counties on Friday.

The recently-installed slats were originally intended to help with wind resistance, but engineers evidently did not take into account that when wind passes through the open gaps between the slats, it can create a very loud humming noise akin to a musical instrument, as KQED pointed out. Officials said there are no planned fixes for the issue.

If interested by the destructive force of wind, watch those videos of the Tacoma Bridge Sway and then collapse back in 1940… It’s just unbelievable:

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  1. Well something is fishy indeed. We sent Sayouz 11-12 to far away our solar systems with coding massages and picture of earth and languages. They have sent us every other Wednesday
    for 15 minutes the signal to mother earth. Regarding this hamming noise in the bridge are from inside earth UFO wants make contact. the year 2525 you tube it?

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