This Student Choir Singing a Capella in the Bell Caves in Israel Sounds Like a Church Chorus


The Bell Caves in Israel have a unique sound.

The large connected cavenous spaces are very reverberant and echoey, and sound like large churches. Eerie!

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The Bell Caves in Israel

As explained by Trevor Cox from Sonic Wonders:

What makes the Bell Caves more unusual is the acoustic effect made because there are many of these chambers connected together by passageways.

As the sound moves between the large chambers along the passageways, a very distinctive reverberance is heard, as sound sloshes about from one chamber to another on the beige colored limestone walls.

What are the Bell Caves?

The Bell Caves are ancient quarries found in the Beit Guvrin-Maresha National Park in central Israel. The walls are beige-colored limestone.

They are located near Maresha, one of the important towns of Judah during the time of the First Temple.

There are about 800 bell-shaped caves located in the area, many of which are interconnected via an underground network of passageways in groups of 40–50 caves.

The caves were dug at different times in history. The largest bell caves measures over 60 feet (18 m) high and are mostly situated in the east part of the park. They were created during the Early Arab Period for chalk to cover roads.

Caves have always fascinated people and in some ways were used to alter consciousness and speak with the dead! Similar news about ancient church rituals on Strange Sounds or Steve Quayle.

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