Huge fireball explodes in loud boom over St. Petersburg and Smolensk, Russia, baffling residents


A large fireball exploded in the sky over St. Petersburg, Russia on September 11, 2017.

The sky event was so bright, that it was witnessed in other cities, in particular, Barnaul, Smolensk and Pskov.

large fireball russia st petersburg smolensk, Huge fireball explodes oer St. Petersburg Russia on September 11 2017
Huge fireball explodes oer St. Petersburg Russia on September 11 2017. via Polit.Info

The sky event was captured by several cameras onboard cars driving in St. Petersburg and the Lenin area.

For many Russians, though, there is still debate about the origin of this unidentified flying object. Was it the stage of the Proton-M rocket launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome just a few minutes before? Was it a military missile? or a meteorite?

People reports:

  • “The strange sky object fell in the Krasnoselsky district. I personally watched his fall. 30 secs after the fall a column of smoke began to rise from a field. “
  • “At 20:15 (approximately) I was driving from work, and at the crossroads of Mitrofanyevsky Highway and Blagodatnaya, the meteor flew directly over us.
  • “My husband is now in military exercises, and fell something fall behind his hotel. He called and said that he saw how it was smoking outside. “
  • ” The sky event was reported in Barnaul, Smolensk, and Pskov. “

What people witnessed across a large area of Russia was most probably of cometary origin. It was a large fireball – from the tail of the comet Swift-Tuttle responsible for the Perseid meteor shower – that disintegrated in the sky emitting a sonic boom.

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