The terrifying sound of Hurricane Irma


Hurricane Irma is currently devastating several caribbean islands one after the other.

And the sound of destruction accompanying the Category 5 storm is terrifying, apocalyptic.

Have a prayer for all those who are currently being hit and/or suffering due to this totally anomalous monster storm.

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  1. The best place to hide a lie and control the slaves/population is in the truth. The book of Revelation is a script. Take a natural weather or Earth change and enhance it. The latest MIMIC data provides reference to the massive radio wave emanation from Rothchilds peninsula in Antarctica. God isn’t doing this, the sick people who run the Pentagon are, the same people who are stealing your children for ritualistic sacrifice.

  2. It’s as if the demons are cheering it on. There will be high winds, there will be fire. Be prepared and trust in God

  3. BEING BLIND AND STUPID,won’t save anyone in america,I see the day coming when every country on earth will realize americans are just blood thristy killers,and when they want to go any where, the people of that country will try to kill them,For what they let the military do with their weather weapons and armies,navies,and air force,murdering and killing the innocent people of countries all over the earth…AND THEY’LL DESERVE IT…bring your killers home america….

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