The coastal erosion in Pacifica is so dramatic that you have to see it to believe it


We’ve all seen the astonishing images of giant chasms that suddenly appear out of nowhere, swallowing cars, people and destroying houses. But these freak abominations can happen just about anywhere and at any time, without warning or prediction. Along the Californian coast, another process – coastal erosion – makes its way since several years. First there were only advises, then evacuations. Now, and every year a bit more, people pray to find their homes on the cliff above rather than in pieces in the Ocean water below. There are indeed giant waves eroding the coast and gobbling rocks and ground, and digging large caves and meanders in the sandy overhang thus destabilizing cliffs on which people – among others many millionnaires – built their homes. In Pacifica, for example, the Ocean engulfed more than 50ft of land that was standing between the houses and ocean.

For some of the buildings, a couple of big storms and it’s over.

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Scary coastal erosion along Californian coast near Pacifica. via Youtube video

Well, I would recommend to take some souvenir pictures now, because most of the houses shown in the video will be gone in 10 years… Or even sooner than that.

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